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 Deut Traders required

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Deut Traders required Empty
PostSubject: Deut Traders required   Deut Traders required EmptySun Jun 07, 2009 9:54 pm

Guys I have read through your diplo and trade section, as Leader of Time2Die I talk for all my members.. if your miners want to set up personal trading with any of my members then they would give the player a 1 to 1 nap .. which would open the door for a needed fleet assistance to many of your members ( we love to ninja attackers as much as we love to attack)..

We would never do an alliance nap deal under any circumstances however a regular trader with friendship to a member of T2D has the fast track to call for help from my fleeter's to your members..

just a thought if you like the idea PM me in game... 1:218:4

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Deut Traders required
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